25+ years of
Professional Experience

We are made up of industry veterans from different verticals who are both young & experienced in the total package with serving fortune 100 companies to working very closely with the startups on the latest technologies.

Superior Technology

We are involved in the cutting edge technologies right from writing the research papers/thesis to developing a real-world application i.e. from paper to market-ready product.

DIPP recognized

Our company’s indigenous efforts and innovative work have been both recognized & appreciated by the Govt of India.



MotoBuddy is a virtual road safety companion that cares of the accident victim even when the person is unconscious by taking immediate remedial measures & informing the emergency response team on time.
The device can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth for accessing multimedia features.


It is a software for the App based business which enables them to boost app ratings organically with our proprietary technology which helps them to identify those people who have the highest probability for giving the 5-star rating & determining those who have given a bad review.


Gungho is an AI-enabled IoT solution that helps the Organisations to increase consumer satisfaction by capturing the consumer feedback & turning them into actionable insights in real-time. This level of beautiful advancement leads to great improvisation on the complete set of defined KPIs defined by the management. Hence improving the consumer services drastically in a very small period of time.

Our Power lies in

Vida’s team has 25+ years of experience with providing a wide area of specialty services listed below.

10+ years experience


IoT devices are becoming a part of the mainstream electronics culture and people are adopting smart devices into their homes faster than ever. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be up to 21 billion connected devices to the internet. It’s the right time to catch the train.

10+ years experience


AI is capable of solving harder & harder problems better than humans can. With already in place Alexa, Google Home, Siri & chatbots the world is changing faster. With our gold medalist team from the World’s premier institutions, we help you build AI based Systems faster & better with full scalability.

10+ years experience


Machine Learning focuses on enabling systems to learn automatically without human intervention. We have developed several in-house models for catalyzing the learning process with pretty good accuracy for industrial & medical applications

IoT 85%
AI 70%
ML 75%