App Store Optimization For Boosting Google Play Reviews

Boost Your Playstore App Ratings

Why AppEdge?

There are millions of mobile apps out of which a lot of apps perform similar functions or tasks. Due to such a cataphonic situation the Appstore is flooded with Apps & the only way by which the user decides to download an app is by seeing it’s App Rating & the no. of positive Reviews.
Good App Rating means great Business & bad rating means poor Business.
They can make or break your business.
Recently there were a lot of companies & freelancers that used to provide paid positive App ratings & reviews but due to recent enforcement from the Google & new algorithms in place, such practices are forbidden. They have started removing & banning such fake accounts & reviews. Amidst these crises, we have developed a smart software i.e. AppEdge that helps you increase your App Ratings & reviews drastically but in a fully organic manner. It neither creates nor uses any fake account instead of it….. well request a demo to improve your ratings organically.

Variants & Features



    • User reviews
      •  —  Data For potential 5 star
    •  Social Media Marketing:
      •  —  Facebook
    •  Web Based Admin Interface



  • User reviews
    • — Data For potential 5 star
    • — Data of people who gave 1 & 2 star.
  • Social Media Marketing:
    • — Facebook
    • — Twitter


  • Web Based And App based Admin Interface
  • PlayStore/AppStore Optimization
    • — Page Layout
    • — Visual
  • Performance Guarantee
    • — Improvement in App Ranking



  • User reviews
    •  —  Data For potential 5 star
    •  —  Data of people who gave 1 & 2 star.
  •  Social Media Marketing:
    •  —  Facebook
    •  —  Instagram
    •  —  Twitter


  •  Web Based And App based Admin Interface
  •  PlayStore/AppStore Optimization
    •  —  Page Layout
    •  —  Visual
    •  —  Video etc
  •  Performance Guarantee
    •  —  Improvement in App Ranking
    •  —  Application Reviews
    •  —  Application Downloads
  •  Website Optimisation
  •  Email Marketing

What We Provide?

Ratings & Reviews

All app users are required to rate 4/5-star ratings and write a positive review.

Advanced Targeting

Your audience can be built using a similar method. But, how do you determine the right audience?

Cost-Effective service

We ensure every penny you’ve spent on app promotion is worthy and get you best ROI.

Soaring Revenue

Our service helps boost your app store ranking and generate increasing revenue.