Customer Experience Survey and Management System – GUNG HO

GungHo to Improve Your Customer Experience Management

Why GungHo ?

In this advanced era, where everything is digital, are you still relying on paper-based feedback forms to know your customer’s experience?
Switch to Gung-Ho to make your customer feedback management system digital with penchant control on the incoming data. It helps to identify likes and dislikes, needs and wants of your customer. With our device, we want to simplify the task of user experience management.
Our IoT device collecting Smileys and data analytics solution is ideally designed to help you improve the customer experience & brand loyalty with the full ability to do over the air updates which allows you to change the questions in real time.

Variants & Features



  • PostCards for Writing Question
  •  User Input Levels : 1
  •  Battery Backup: 15 Days
  •  Network Connectivity : Wifi
  •  User Interface : Web
  •  Basic Reporting



  • 20*4 Lcd Screen for Questions
  •  User Input Levels : 2
  •  Backup : 3 Months
  •  Network Connectivity : Wifi Or GSM
  •  User Interface : Web And Mobile
  •  Detailed Reporting
  •  Live Changes To Questions via Web



  • 6′ Inch Lcd Screen for Questions
  •  User Input Levels : 2
  •  Backup : 6 Months
  •  Network Connectivity : Wifi And GSM
  •  User Interface : Web And Mobile
  •  Detailed Analytics & Real-Time Reporting
  •  Live Changes To Questions Via Web And Mobile
  •  Camera Integration

Gung Ho's Process