Smart Road Safety Device With GPS Tracking – MotoBuddy

AI Based Road Safety Device

How it all started ?

The company was formed after one of the directors met with a drastic motorbike road accident & nobody came forward to help him. During hospitalization & after recovery, he met with several accident victims who faced the same problem, i.e. a huge delay in getting help which exacerbated their medical situation. After listening to such horrific stories, he formed a small team & started working from the garage. The project gain huge attention from the media, investors & Govt. which led the team to pursue the idea full time & now they aim to provide timely help to every accident victim by giving them penchant control with the help of IoT & AI even when they are unconscious.

The Pressing Issue

A staggering 1.5 million people die on the world’s roads every single year and up to 50 million more are left injured or disabled on the global roads. This statistic makes road traffic injuries one of the leading causes of death. After hearing to a lot of accident victims we unraveled the main reason for worsening of their injuries & deaths of their loved ones, which was a huge delay in informing the emergency response team on time.

Our Vision for Safer Roads

A virtual road safety companion for every traveler which can take action on their behalf even when they are unconscious in the case of an accident. The companion will inform the authorities & the family members on time so that the help can be dispatched immediately which will save a lot of lives. The companion is also having multimedia capabilities based on cutting edge technology which incentives the user to wear the helmet.

How MotoBuddy Helps?

MotoBuddy helps its user by accurately detecting an accident & sending the ultra-accurate location coordinates to the stakeholders which enables them to dispatch an ambulance quickly as possible & attend the accident victim on time. The device also helps the rider to see their driving analytics & empowers them to use the Google-based voice Assistant & other cool features wirelessly via the Mobile App.